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Raising capital is hard, takes many months to a year, and is not guaranteed. With GoFundYourself, you pitch your idea to make the world a better place and get funded by a network of people who want to support you and your dreams
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YOLO into the blue ocean or pick the best idea for the good of the land. Be the shit, and reap the harvest! Bros can have fun funding and finding the true truth, and becoming a network of people to support you too, bro.
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Ahkmaral is someone one of us knows, and she has asked for help funding her university education. She can't access gofundme because she is not American, and she doesn't have a structure for this fundraising or system of accountability.

Pat Santiago

Pat Santiago is a radical guy who Tokenized his future income from DAO Work for the next 2 years to pay for a trip to ETHDenver, but also included some burnable tokenomics to exchange for his time.

Sergey Nazarov

Sergey Nazarov, Bossman of Chainlink, is a brilliant and generous man, who would happily invest in people all around the world IF ONLY THERE WAS CRYPTOGRAPHIC TRUTH and TRUST MINIMIZED AGREEMENTS (this is kind of his thing).
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